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You are suffering from menopause or negative hormonal changes which are affecting your daily life. Hormonal issues or Menopause can occur when you are least expecting it, and you don't have to be a certain age to suffer from depressive, hormonal or menopause issues.

Maybe you have just had children and feel depressed, without energy, without the will to take control and live a happy lifestyle. Perhaps Menopause has you feeling confused, bloated, tired, depressed, lack of sex drive, even a lack of tolerance of even close family and friends around you.

If you are having any of these issues, take five minutes and read through the rest of this page to see how we can help.

Do you suffer from any of the below?

  • Are you suffering from regular hot flashes and night sweats but don't understand why this is happening to you? - Are these hot flashes starting to make you paranoid and avoiding everyday public life?
  • Do you find that your mood swings are sometimes just uncontrollable and you just feel the need to scream out loud. - Are your mood swings affecting your spouse and loved ones?
  • Difficulty sleeping? - Have you been tossing and turning of late? Waking up during the middle of the night for what seems no reason?
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort - Have you lost your sex drive lately? Is your spouse starting to get frustrated with the physical side of your relationship, have you been suffering from vaginal dryness and soreness?
  • Increased stress and anxiety - As well as hot flashes, are you feeling more anxious and stressed? - Has simple everyday tasks got you at your wits end?
  • Hair loss and premature skin aging - Do you find your skin has tightened up, does your skin feel firmer and rougher than usual? Have you been noticing unusual hair loss when grooming?
  • Unhealthy weight gain and lack of energy - This is one of the main issues for a lot of women suffering from hormonal problems or going through the menopause. As you are slightly tired, stressed and generally not yourself, you can gain excess weight which is a double whammy as when you gain weight, you lose confidence and become anxious, a kind of fairground ride without the fun.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Menopause and How You Can Take Back Control Of Your Everyday Life

Here are just a handful of the benefits that you are going to learn today with the Menopause Management System:

Improve Mood Swings

You will discover simple everyday techniques to beat negative food swings, you will also learn what foods can help with your mood swings.

Weight Management

The Ultimate Menopause Guide will show you how to manage your weight during and after Menopause. You will be surprised how easy it is to manage your weight.

Reduce Stress Levels

As we know, menopause can be a knock on effect, find out how you can reduce your stress levels without having to change your life upside down. 

Healthy Sex Life

Menopause is a double edge sword as it can affect more than one person. Learn how to rediscover your love life and make it better than ever.

Confidence & Support

Menopausely offers full support for our customers, more importantly, when you read our menopause management system you will see how straight forward managing menopause can be.

Quality of Life

You will discover how to piece the jigsaw together and override brain fog, which will clear your mind and let you see the path to leading a quality way of life during your menopause cycle.

More Energy

Without doubt one of the main benefits of managing menopause correctly is getting your energy mojo back!

Improve Sleep Patterns

When you learn to manage your menopause you will learn to manage your sleep patterns as you will not allow stress and anxiety to break up a good nights sleep.

Reduce Hot Flashes

The greatest symptom of menopause, you will see how you can reduce your hot flashes by managing menopause, some women can eliminate them all together.

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Finally Learn How To Manage Menopause & Hormonal Changes

hot flashes

Find out how to control and eliminate hot flashes.

Hot flashes are perhaps the greatest and most feared symptom Women experience in menopause.

Hot Flashes can go on for several years before stopping unless you manage them correctly. However, Hot flashes can be treated in a number of different ways.

When you access the Ultimate Menopause Management Handbook System you will see exactly how to reduce or eliminate hot flashes and night sweats all together.

Mood Swings & Depression.

Women approaching or in menopause are subject to mood swings and increased irritability.

Typically, this occurs as a result of radical hormone fluctuations.

Some menopausal women also suffer from depression, the reasons for this are not completely clear but it is believed that the lack of estrogen affects the amount of brain neurotransmitters responsible for prevention of depression.

When the neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine are decreased, the risk for depression increases.

Inside of The Ultimate Menopause Handbook Management System you will discover simple ways to eliminate mood swings and depressive states.​

menopause mood swings
menopause fatigue

Stop Menopause From Causing Permanent Fatigue.

Menopause is a time when many women feel run down and fatigued. Part of the problem is the increased perception of stress and another part is the decrease in restful sleep that comes with menopause.

Stress reduction techniques can reduce the fatigue seen in menopause. Exercises like guided imagery, meditation, qi gong, and tai chi can also reduce stress so you have more energy as well as increased mental clarity. 

Fatigue can be managed by having better sleep habits. This will help you go to sleep when you are tired and can keep you sleeping longer.

Inside the Menopause Management Handbook System you will learn correct methods to conquer fatigue and get into a healthy sleeping pattern.

Learn How To Reduce or Remove Menopause Stress.

Stress can increase the frequency and intensity of hot flashes.

Anything you can do to reduce your level of stress will help you feel better during this time of your life.

If the stress has reached a level to where you are anxious, your doctor can prescribe anti-anxiety medications that will reduce your perception of stress.

Some of these anxiolytic agents include Valium, clonazepam, Ativan, and Xanax​. 

There are natural solutions to combat stress, inside the Menopause Handbook System you will see how you can reduce and even eliminate stress before it even happens.

menopause stress

You Need To Know That There Is Another Option For You To Manage and Beat Negative Menopause

menopause myths

It's rather astounding what TV and media in general will have us believe when it comes to Menopause,

Due to myths and misinformation, as well as scare tactics used by pharmaceutical companies to sell their menopause treatments.

Women can develop unneeded anxiety and stress about menopause, sometimes before it actually occurs and even years ahead of time. 

Many women have heard menopause horror stories, misinformation, common myths and have perhaps lived with or known women whose lives have been turned upside down by this midlife event. 

The concern women feel about menopause is usually that they think they have no choice other than to suffer during the menopause.

The scary thing is that most women just accept it when they DO NOT HAVE TO!

Those frightening menopause symptoms you are fed on a daily basis cannot only be managed and limited, but sometimes avoided entirely and are not actually experienced by all women.

The key is to understand the process of menopause and how to prepare your mind and body mentally and physically before you experience the first symptoms of perimenopause (the pre-menopause stage)

Research reported by Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, shows that menopause can be "no cause for alarm or medical intervention" for most women.

She points to studies that show 62% of women polled had positive feelings about menopause.

Another study reported that 80% of women showed insignificant changes in quality of life due to menopause

A full 75% of the women in one study reported that they did not feel less attractive because of menopause. Many women are relieved that pregnancy is no longer an issue for them, and find sex more enjoyable. You will learn much more inside of The Menopause Management System.

Don't just take our word for it, see some of our customer feedback which was received from everyday people who followed the Menopause Management System.

Customer feedback.

"I have two kids and had an upsetting split with my previous partner, Having my second child and going through some finance issues really hit me hard.

I followed the Menopause Handbook and would recommend it to anyone who just needs a helping hand to understand things a little clearer"

Victoria J.

More feedback

"I thought I was too young to go through menopause, I was pretty fit all in all and had plenty of energy. I think it just seemed to go overnight but looking back I now know it was a gradual decline which I failed to notice.

I think the main point is that most Women and Men don't like to admit they need support, but I did feel a whole lot better after reading through the material"

Claire D.

Get The Menopause Management System Today And Start Living Your Life Again

When you know what to expect, and how to prepare your mind and body for "the change," you dramatically reduce the negative effect that menopause has on your life.

Some women even report that menopause as an empowering, freeing, positive life experience. In most cases, this was because those women prepared themselves before they saw the first symptom of perimenopause or menopause.

When the time came, they knew exactly what to do, because they had been giving their minds and bodies healthy tools to fight negative menopause symptoms.

freedom from menopause

That is exactly what the "Managing Menopause Handbook System" does for you. - Don't Miss This Amazing Opportunity!

It provides you with the information you need to turn menopause from a scary, debilitating, and negative experience into a manageable and positive cycle in your life.

Here Is What You  Are Going To Get When You Purchase The Menopause Management Handbook System Today!

menopause management system

The Ultimate Menopause Handbook

  • 38 Page Professionally Created Book Guiding You Step By Step Through Managing Menopause & Hormonal Issues
  • A Guided Walkthrough of Menopause Symptoms & How To Manage Them
  • Detailed explanations telling you all about Menopause and How You Can Prepare & Conquer Menopause
  • How To Live Freely Through Menopause and so much more...

When You Get Access To The Menopause Management System Today You Will Also Get The Below Three Awesome Bonus Reports 100% FREE.

Menopause can be a difficult time in a woman’s life especially when brain fog sets in, that's why we created the 66 Ways To Improve Menopause Report. The report is a helpful addition to the main Menopause Handbook as it lists 66 do this style bullet points.

This straight to the point report is ideal for Women who simply not ready to accept and manage their menopause fully, and or are not in a position to concentrate on how to manage their menopause as they are so wrapped up in their very own negative roller coaster ride!

In this report you will see simple to follow step by step, do this, do that, do this, etc..This is an ideal starting place for women who simply think they are beyond help as they are not!.

66 ways to improve menopause

66 Ways To Improve Menopause

  • 12 Page Jam Packed Straight To The Point Report - This Is The Full Edition
  • Learn why you should introduce your body to Black Cohosh
  • See why you should now be incorporating Soya Products into your diet
  • What Natural Supplements could enhance your energy levels tenfold and a whole lot more...

Hormone replacement involves the giving of estrogen, progesterone, and sometimes testosterone to women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and other premenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

It is during menopause when ovaries begin to fail to produce these hormones on a regular basis. Some women have symptoms that are so severe that the only option is to take hormone replacement therapy to control the symptoms. Sometimes, hormone replacement therapy is called menopausal hormone therapy because it is given around the time of menopause.

As you will see, hormone replacement therapy or HRT is not without risks and side effects. This is a type of therapy that is not for every women, as women with an increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, or heart disease will have increased risks of these diseases if they take HRT.

hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy Report

  • 16 Pages of Straight to the Point Information On The Ups and Downs of Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Understand when and if hormone replacement therapy is the only option for your and your symptoms
  • Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is not without risks and side effects, inside you can learn all about HRT so you are fully aligned on what the process is.

Menopause is a time in a woman’s reproductive life when the menstrual cycle stops and she is no longer fertile. Peri-menopause or the pre-menopause stage brings a slow cessation of periods and a reduction in the body’s production of female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone.

No periods for 12 consecutive months, is considered the post-menopausal stage. The average age when menopause and any symptoms begin is 51 years of age but can also occur between 30 and 60.

Menopause may bring various symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, and even depression.

Menopause is also a time when women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis as it is estimated that the average woman loses as much as 10% of bone mass within the first five years of menopause. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones thin and become brittle, causing fractures to occur easily.

Heart disease risks also increase with menopause as estrogen plays a key role in protecting the heart.

It is also a time when weight gain may occur. No one knows why this happens but a weight gain of 10 pounds or more is not uncommon in menopause.

Interestingly enough, women who lead a healthy lifestyle including diet and regular exercise can circumvent this weight gain related to menopause

exercise during menopause

The Benefits Of Exercise During & After Menopause

  • 12 Page Professionally Written Report Showing You The Benefits Of Exercise During & After Menopause
  • A Detailed List of Exercises You Should Consider Doing During & After Menopause
  • A Detailed List of Exercises You Should Consider Doing During & After Menopause
  • Plus lots more. This Is A Perfect Start To Exercising During & After Menopause.

Try The Ultimate Menopause Management System 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Try The Menopause Management System today risk free. Our 30-day money back guarantee is your security blanket. You're always backed by Menopausely's iron clad guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your e-book and your two special reports, let us know.

You'll have 30 days to read, review and even start using the Menopause Management System to manage your menopause or hormonal issues. If you don't think this is hands down the most helpful and informative information of its kind we'll rush you a full refund, no questions asked!

And as our way of saying thanks for trying the Menopause Management System, your e-book and your special health reports will be yours to keep as our gift.

More Customer Feedback

"I have 3 kids and started a family in my early twenties, I was fine till my mid thirties then everything started to become too much. My bad moods were becoming too regular and I was constantly tired. What really made me sit up was when I could tell my Husband had just about had enough, I realised that I had no sex drive, I did not want any affection and it just snowballed from there.

When I followed the Menopause handbook I soon realised that I was living in a vicious circle and I had to snap out of it. I followed the information and recommendations and I am pleased to say that I am doing great. I feel like a women again and realise how simple it is to manage menopause when you have a little helping hand. Thank you and yes I would recommend the menopause management system"

Vicky D.

More Feedback...

"I started suffering with bad mood swings, not so much hot flashes but real heavy mood swings. I had my children in my mid thirties and I thought I was fine. The problems only became more noticeable when my Husband sat me down and told me what a cow I was turning into. I don't think there is a more polite way I can say it really. I got my hands on the menopause handbook and read it.

I have to say that it's so simple it works. I think when you don't know you are suffering sometimes it needs an outsider as it were to spell it out for you. When you see exactly what is what and what you can do, you almost feel a little silly is the best way to describe it. Either way thank you and I recommend that anyone even the Husbands look at this. Thanks."

Anna C.


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