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Free yoga class Prenatal yoga class for expectant mom's or anyone wanting a gentle flow. Check out Align – "A must have alignment course for all yogis practicing at home.": Save $20 using the coupon code "LOVEYOURSELF"

If you are pregnant, please get permission from your Doctor and listen to your body. Rest if you are feeling fatigued and skip any poses that feel inappropriate to you. Drink plenty of water!
Sukasana – easy seated post
Uttansana – Forward fold
Malasana – Squat
Bidilasana – cat/cow
Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutations
Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward facing dog
Virabhadrasana 2 – Warrior 2
Trikonasana – Triangle
Prasarita Poddotanasana – Wide Leg Forward fold
Anjanae Asana – low lunge
Ustrasana – Camel pose
Janu Sirasana – head to knee pose
Paschimottanasana – seated forward fold
Badda Konasana – Cobblers pose
Upavistha Konasana – Wide leg forward fold
Savansana – resting

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